Mode Red is a music teaching studio with a difference. While we love helping beginners to discover the joy of making music (don't even think about whether you have talent - just dive in and give it a go! - beginners are welcome), we also provide aspiring professionals with the skills and tools that speak loudly in the marketplace. Do you want to be able to walk into a group of strangers and jam impressively on keyboard, bass or guitar? Are you looking to find and develop your unique vocal sound? Do you want to develop voice and instrument skills at the same time? If you're looking for real world music skills - skills that hold their own in the tough world of the music industry, not just in the practice room - then Mode Red Studio is for you.


We offer one-on-one lessons in singing, keyboard, guitar and bass, and combined lessons for people who want to study singing with guitar, bass or keyboard. We teach all styles of singing. Our instrument lessons focus on contemporary technique and music.

our teachers

scarlet bennett

Scarlet Bennett singing lessons Belconnen

Scarlet Bennett worked as a popular singer (live and as a studio session singer) before training in classical vocal technique with Robert Gard OBE in Sydney in the 1990s. Scarlet has taught in private practice since that time, and she was Head of Music at David Atkins' Dynamite Dance School of Performing Arts where she taught singing and music theory.

Scarlet holds a Masters degree in Psychology, and her graduate research was in peak performance psychology for musicians. In 2011, she was the Course Convenor for Psychological Strategies for Peak Performance at the Australian National University's School of Music.

Scarlet is the lead singer, keyboard player and hand drummer in Silent Red and The Burnout.. She teaches singing and 'keyboard for singers' at Mode Red Studio. She also provides individual coaching for musicians struggling with stage fright.

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stephen bennett

Stephen Bennett singing lessons Belconnen

Stephen Bennett has been a professional working musician for his entire career. He started his musical life as bass player and then guitarist in the Sydney-based band, Eggs Benedict, before adding classical vocal technique to his skill set.

Stephen worked as an opera singer and instrumentalist (in Australia and overseas) for 35 years while maintaining a teaching practice throughout, including seven years working as a Lecturer in the ANU's School of Music from 2005-2013. He studied guitar with Ron Robertson, Don Andrews and George Golla, and double bass with John Grey. He performed guitar, lute, bass guitar and vocals in The Rennaissance Players, Aquila Altera, The Song Company and The Leonine Consort.

Stephen plays guitar, baritone guitar and bass in Silent Red and The Burnout, and he performs in the guitar section with the Cozmo Mandolin Orchestra. Stephen teaches guitar and bass guitar (contemporary genres only) at Mode Red Studio.

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