Keyboard Lessons

'Sometimes I can only groan, and suffer, and pour out my despair at the piano.'
~ Frederic Chopin
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Our approach

We teach Keyboard for Singers, to give singers the skills to accompany themselves and join in with other musos in rehearsal and performance. We draw on classical and jazz music theory to give students improvisation skills and the ability to play compelling accompaniments with confidence from lead charts.

Traditional piano teachers teach classical music theory so that you can read music and play pieces from the written score. That's not our approach (although you can learn to play from written music if you want to along the way). Being able to play pieces from a written score won't help at all when you show up to jam with friends and they say, "let's play 12 bar blues in D", or when you want to create a piano accompaniment on the spot from a lead chart that contains only lyrics and chords. At Mode Red, our focus is on giving you the real world skills to be able to play anything, anytime using just chords to guide you.

$40 per half hour lesson. Price includes GST.

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