song circle

Research has shown that singing promotes physical and emotional well being. It relieves stress, depression and anxiety. It improves mental functioning and memory, and it boosts self-confidence. Most of all, it promotes joy. And who doesn't want more of that?

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Mode Red Song circle

Most of us love a good singalong, whether or not we think we can sing. At Mode Red Studio, we know first hand what a difference singing can make. It's fun. It's relaxing. And it's a great way to wind down and let go of life's hassles for a while.

We run singing circles for people who want to come along and sing in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Singing circles are not singing lessons (go to singing lessons if you want to take lessons). They're structured singalongs. We provide the music and the structure. You bring your inner diva. Oh, and why not bring a small plate of something to share and stay for a cuppa afterwards?

$15 entry (casual), $12 per session if you buy a 10 circle pass. Price includes GST.